Monday, 18 January 2010

Save me some hind shank.

For Christmas I received the new Chuck Klosterman book "Eating the Dinosaur", and I would like to take a moment to recommend this, and every other book Klosterman has written, to everyone who stumbles across this blog.

Guess who just learned how to make html links?

Chuck Klosterman is an American journalist whose numerous books on varying aspects of pop-culture have been blowing my mind for some time now. This is the newest one and is probably the second best one yet*. Each chapter is a self-contained essay with one overall theme focused on by several smaller, interconnecting topics. There's a chapter on "In Utero" that somehow has surprisingly little to do with Nirvana. A chapter on sincerity vs irony and people who can only function literally that makes me want to listen to Weezer (a lot). And there's a chapter that's sort of about the long-term disadvantages of the increasing advancement of technology and sort of about the unabomber that somehow managed to connect to my life and thoughts on both a long and short term level so perfectly that I might have thought it had been written by me if I wasn't convinced that I couldn't write anywhere near as well or as knowledgeably as that.

There's also some stuff about American Football and Basketball that I didn't care about as much, but they can still be an interesting read (and some point out where people not interested in this shit should just stop reading and skip to the next chapter - which is nice).

In short - everyone should read this book. Otherwise I'm in danger of being forever misunderstood. And I mean that in a thoroughly Rivers Cuomo-esque sense.

*The best being 2005s "Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a true story", which tells the tale of Klostermans cross country road trip visiting the death sites of various rockstars, and his thoughts on everything from ex-girlfriends to suicide to prehistoric mastodons that come up on the way.