Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Untitled Short Story

You know the feeling when the instant you wake up you're already somehow aware that something's wrong? I'm talking about the very split second you wake. Before you've opened your eyes. Before you've rolled over. Before you even know that you're awake; you know that something is wrong. It's a feeling that must come to you while you're still asleep; must infect your dreams in some way that lets you know, like a private air raid siren, that when you wake up something just won't be right.

This is the feeling I have right now.

Decisions Decisions

This picture asked the question "Which would you pick", allowing you to choose two fictional items from a list that includes:
Portal Gun (Portal)
Elder Wand (Harry Potter)
Lightsaber (Star Wars)
The One Ring (Lord Of The Rings)
Deathnote (Deathnote)
Green Lantern Power Ring (Green Lantern)
Everlasting Gobstopper (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
The Red Pill (The Matrix)
Cursed Pirate Medallion (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Pokeball (Pokemon)

There were conditions brought up (ie. With Pokeball you would only have one pokemon of your choice that you would have to train from level one, with Pirate Medallion there is no chest to return it to, with One Ring Sauron and his minions do not exist and are not hunting you etc.) which can all be seen by following the link above. 

I instantly decided I would take the Portal Gun, because that would be awesome. But then I was stumped. I ruled out Pirate Medallion (because who wants to be cursed?), One Ring (because who wants to be corrupted?) Red Pill (because who wants to live in a dystopian world where you are always at risk of being killed by robots?), Everlasting Gobstopper (because it looked pointy and would hurt the roof of your mouth as you suck on it forever) and Deathnote (because I don't know what it is), and then (reluctantly) crossed off lightsaber because I simply don't think I'd have much use for it in real life once the novelty wore off. That then left me with three options to choose between. Three fictional items of extraordinary power. How can I make this decision?

With a Pros and Cons list of course!


If have Charizard, can fly on its back.
Can burn enemies.
Can use ghost pokemon to scare people.
Mr Mime good at housework – useful.
Jigglypuff would ensure a good nights sleep every night.

No evidence that anyone else has Pokemon. How do you train them up?
Dog fighting illegal.
Don’t have enemies.
Knowledge of Pokemon limited to original 150. Might not make best decision.
If picked something silly like Alakazam, would quickly run out of useable spoons.
Opening myself up to more decisions. Would always be questioning whether I chose the right Pokemon.

Green Lantern Ring

Can produce pretty much anything.
Can fly.
Can go in to space.

Would forget to charge it up. Would probably run out of power while in space.
Foiled by anything yellow.
Silly skintight suit.
Green ring's a bit gay.

Elder Wand

Easy to find things (Accio Car Keys!)
Can fly (Wingardium Leviosa)
Even if summoning keys doesn’t work, can open locks anyway (Alohamora)
Can duel with enemies.

Don’t have enemies.
Might be murdered for it.
Easy to break.
Can’t remember any more spells.