Tuesday, 23 February 2010

A More Convenient Truth.

It's snowing in Salford again. At first it was a novelty, it was exciting - as snowfalls have been on all their infrequent occurrences in the past. But now it's getting a bit much. Just about everyone I know is bored of the snow now, and the forecast for more is met with despairing groans. The ridiculous weather has made this winter worse than any before it, and summer can not come too soon.

And it's not just here. I spent the last week in Spain, where they've had more rain and colder temperatures in the past two months than in many people's lifetimes. Washington DC is buried somewhere beneath an iceburg. And the Pope's left shivering in his dress as Rome is covered with fresh Italian snow.

Clearly there is no denying it. Climate Change is affecting us. Hugely.

And what's causing it? What has changed in recent times that has influenced the world in such a way that we've all been freezing for three months? Well it's quite obvious really. The cause of everyones discomfort comes from the number of people trying to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The evidence is all there. People turn off their electrics, use energy saving lightbulbs and listen to Al Gore and suddenly we're all stuck with a crappy winter that doesn't appear to be ending any time soon.

So I leave you with this message: Turn your televisions back on. Light up your LEDs. Buy some proper lightbulbs. And together, maybe we can put an end to climate change.

You have the power. Use it. A lot.

Graphs don't lie*.

*Graph not based on any factual evidence.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

4am. (Or: Why I don't often write poetry)

Fake light illuminates a metal roof,
Windows are mirrors now.
The sounds are peaceful,
And the silence is full of noise.

Creatures chase after their shadows,
Trees become ghosts.
The darkness seems clearer,
Than the dismal light of day.

Bottles tell tales of the night's depravity
As they roll under my feet.
Now there is no-one,
Only their debris left behind.

Fake light shows the fake world.
The street is orange,
Even the clouds have changed.
The night should not be like this.