Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Years Resolutions 2011 (Or: Holy Shit it's 2011 Already!)

Holy shit it's 2011 already. I'm sure if someone asked me when I was a kid what I'd be doing by this point my answer would have been something like "living on the moon" or "being a super-rich crimefighter with his own robot best friend" or "dead".

But like everyone who isn't getting Natalie Portman pregnant I feel I have let down my inner child. Well I will stand for that no more. 2011 is the year I will clean my act up. This year I vow to do the following:

  • Get an actual job - This is priority number 1. I will keep applying and keep practicing interview skills so I don't come off like a gibbering retard until I finally start a job that I am actually willing to get up in the morning and do.
  • Find an awesome place to live - Everyone has to move out of their parents house sometime, and I've already done it twice. Once I get a job I can find somewhere awesome in that area and then hopefully third time will be the charm.
  • Actually learn to play one of the two guitars I now own - Yeah...this doesn't require any further explanation. I'm just lazy.
  • Write something proper that can actually be published in some form - I have the ideas, I have the skill, I have the motivation and I enjoy doing it. Why the hell have I not done anything significant with this yet? 
  • Write more Shame About the Video posts - OK, I think my Christmas excuse is used up now. Time to actually start writing some things, and actually trying to keep this running regular posts. Then it can gain readers and can branch out and grow. 
  • Grow all my hair back
  • Get over my unhealthy obsession with Natalie Portman - She has a person inside her now. Black Swan is the final hurrah. Then it's time to accept that it's never going to happen and move on. 
  • Start a band - After four unsuccessful years I have a good feeling that 2011 will see my musical debut.
  • Buy the "Friends" boxset - It's time.
  • Get over my unhealthy obsession with Friends - It's time.
  • Continue my totally healthy obsession with Mad Men
  • Blog more about Mad Men
  • Make people watch Mad Men
  • Reinvent myself as a cross between Don Draper and Hank Moody - Only with less sex because otherwise Emily will hurt me...
  • Go and live in a foreign country again - That was fun and I think people are getting tired of me always bringing up Hong Kong in casual conversation 
  • Continue wild experimentation with facial hair/not being bothered to shave
  • Reinvent myself again as a cross between Chuck Klosterman and Chris Nolan - Because your influences should probably be real people...
  • Make/Find enough money to not have to stare at the prices of a bottle of whisky in the shop looking for the cheapest one. - Because if you're just going to pick out Jack Daniels anyway, at least stop feeling bad about it.
  • Delete Facebook - Yeah right...
  • Blog about more interesting stuff and less self-involved whining.

Looks like I have a busy, busy year ahead of me.

Oh, one more:
  • Stop trying to do things three weeks too late.